Lal Salam to all glorious women: Rana

March 8, 2021

Paying tribute to all women, the Virata Parvam team released a special Women’s Day video. Rana describing the personalities of the main ladies of Virata Parvam says: “Red hi to all the glorious women.”

Passing through the video – Sai Pallavi Has A Great Love Story, Nandita Das is a human rights officer who believes that love is also part of human freedom, Priyamani is a revolutionary leader who believes that a great crisis gives rise to excessive peace and Easwari Rao and Zarina Wahab symbolize the mothers of many brave men who have opted for revolt in the forests.

It’s a wonderful gesture from the Virata Parvam team to create a video to esteem all the women in the world.

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