La Roja with a string of excitement; Unai Simon as Lord of the Rings | Unai Simon

Copenhagen: Every match in the Euro Cup pre-quarterfinals is bursting with excitement. The Spanish army saw victory in extra time at the end of a reversal match between Spain and Croatia. Switzerland, however, advanced to the quarterfinals, beating world champions France in a penalty shootout. The Swiss scored the equalizer in the final minute of regulation time.

The performance of Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon in the match between Spain and Croatia is now the talk of football fans. The villain and hero of the game is the goalkeeper of this 23-year-old athletic club.

Croatia took the lead in the 20th minute when Unai missed a back pass. When he failed to catch a pass from Pedri from midfield, the ball hit Unai’s leg and went into the net. But Unai did not give up on this big mistake. Unai showed the audience how to be the lord of the comeback.

Spain then took a 3-1 lead with three goals in the 77th minute. Croatia fought back as the match progressed to Spanish victory. Croatia (3-3) found the back of the net in the 85th minute and injury time to extend the lead. It was at that point that Unai’s best saves came. Substitute Croatia’s Kramaric had a chance to score early in extra time. But Unai blocked the ball. The crowd then cheered for the Spanish goalkeeper. Spain advanced to the quarterfinals, winning the match 5-3 with two goals in extra time.

Unai Simon was also quoted as saying by Spanish coach Louis Enrique at the post-match press conference. Louis Entic says Unai is a lesson and inspiration to all children in the world, who have never been discouraged by setbacks from the start of the game. ‘There can be mistakes in football. But the way Unai reacted to it and those great saves were the answer to my confidence in Unai on the ground. ‘ Louis NTK added.

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