kunchacko boban opens up | If you go to the ration shop with family honor and name, you will not get rice, it will cost cash; Says Kunchacko Boban

kunchacko boban opens up

Kunchacko Boban is a favorite of Malayalees. The actor shares not only his movie experiences but also his home experiences with his fans. All the pictures posted by Kunchacko Boban on social media have a huge fan base. The fifth film is directed by Kunchacko Boban before the lockdown. The film was a huge success.

Nizhal and Nayat are the films that will be released in 2021. These films have been very successful and are making headway in the theaters. Naiyattil Chackochan plays a hero who has no privileges of any kind, which is very conflicting. Kunchacko Boban openly says that the condition of the character in the hunt can be related to his real life. The actor revealed this in an interview with Manorama News. The actor was responding to a question on whether the condition could be linked to life.

” Thus … Udaya Studio had a strong tradition but there was a time when it was in a lot of financial trouble. If you go to the ration shop with family honor and name, you will not get rice. It needs cash. There was a time when filmmaking destroyed the family financially and it was decided that there should be no more cinema and no more banner under the banner of Udaya. But then I realized that the name Udaya was the basis of everything he achieved in life, ”says Chackochan.