Kudumbavilakku Serial Fame Noobin Shares Funny Photos With Co-stars | Massellians in the Family Lantern Series; Body with muscle show of eights in the middle of the winter, photo out



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Kudumbavilakku is one of the most popular series in Malayalam. The series also topped the ratings. The series revolves around the problems that arise between a father, mother, children and son-in-law in a household. Although they beat each other like enemies in the series, it has often been proven not so on location.

Interesting videos from the location of Family Lantern are released by the stars themselves. If it was a dance video of the actresses in the last few days, it will be with the actors the next day. Lovers come up with interesting post every day like that.


Now, actor Nubin has posted photos of gymnasts from the kitchen on his Instagram page. Actors Anand Narayanan and Dr. in the photo captioned ‘Location Fun, Body with Muscles’. Shaju Shyam and Nubin are showing everyone the muscle in their hands. Actress Amrita Nair is also in the picture.

What is this look, you can see the new photoshoot of the viral heroine Priya Prakash Warrier

Nubin, Anand and Amrita play the role of Sumitra’s three children in the serial. He plays Rohit Gopal, a friend of Sumitra’s college students. Shaju arrives. The stars are proving that family calling is a friendship that sets them apart from all other serials. The serial has been going on with huge twists in the last few days. Family Lamp also has a big jump in ratings.

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Kudumbavilakku Serial Fame Noobin Shares Funny Photos With Co-stars

Story first published: Friday, July 2, 2021, 19:21 [IST]