Kovid’s unrest continues; Transferred to hospital as a precaution: Tendulkar’s childhood friend

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Sachin Tendulkar / Photo: PTI

MumbaiSachin Tendulkar’s tweet comes as cricket fans are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2011 World Cup victory. Tendulkar told fans that he was being treated at a hospital following Kovid.

With this, there was concern about Tendulkar’s health. Tendulkar had said that he was shifted to the hospital only as a precaution. Tendulkar’s childhood friend has also made it clear that he is not worried.

Atul Ranade, a close friend of Tendulkar, says there is nothing to fear from Master Blaster’s health. Atul Ranade said Tendulkar was shifted to the hospital as it was better to monitor his health at the hospital.

Kovid’s symptoms are significant in Tendulkar. Therefore, the state of health should be closely monitored. With the help of the hospital’s technical equipment, changes in his health can be clearly seen, Ranade told national media.

Tendulkar was confirmed by Kovid on March 27. This was after winning the title at the Road Safety World Series. After Tendulkar confirmed Kovid, Kovid was positive for his Indian Legends teammates Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan.