Kovid resistance layer; Kim Jong Un fires top officials Kim Jong Un

Seoul: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly fired several senior officials for failing to properly defend Kovid. Korea’s official news agency has reported that officials are being cracked down on for pushing the country into a ‘major crisis’.

Exact information on who was fired and how many officers were fired is not available. Top leaders of the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party were reportedly expelled. Kim has also warned officials that he could face serious repercussions.

The Kovid 19 pandemic has hit North Korea hard. Some international media outlets also reported that the country’s very weak health and treatment system had failed to treat a large number of patients. Kovid testing systems are also very weak in North Korea.

At present, no information has been released on the prevalence of Kovid 19 in the country and the number of deaths. Some reports suggest that North Korea is taking drastic measures to defend Kovid. As part of this, all the country’s borders have been closed since January 2020.

The Kim administration had executed two people for failing to stop Kovid’s defense. Kovid was executed by a customs official for illegally importing goods from China. There are reports that the country is heading towards a severe famine due to strict Kovid restrictions.

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