Kovid death toll is similar to honor killing – Veekshanam

Kochi: Health experts say the central and state governments have made a big mistake in estimating the country’s Kovid figures. The country’s statistics, including Kovid’s deaths, were not in line with WHO standards. The allegation is that this makes false health data and makes it impossible for Kovid to determine compensation.

So far, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his associates have underestimated the extent of Kovid by spreading false figures in the state. Opposition leader VD Naidu has said that the figures were released by a special committee appointed by the government. Satheesan said. No one is saying that the Kovid epidemic was caused by the fall of Pinarayi Vijayan or the health ministers. But Kovid data collection needs to be done accurately. He made it clear that he would not allow patients to be abandoned in the same way as covert murder.

More than 13,000 people have died from Kovid, according to figures released by the Department of Health. But at least three times that number have died from the disease. The Supreme Court ruled that Kovid should still be considered dead even if he died of other diseases three months after his recovery. The apex court also said that it was the responsibility of the central government to compensate a family member who lost his or her belongings to Kovid. In this situation, compensation should be ensured for all those who died due to Kovid and allied diseases in Kerala.

But the state government, which has been claiming health benefits by underestimating Kovid’s figures, should still let go of its arrogance. With the help of local bodies, the health department should make a proper calculation. Opposition leader VD Singh said that compensation should be paid accordingly. Satheesan demanded.