Kovid affected 80% of people in Mumbai; Third wave will not be severe – Tata Institute | Coronavirus

Mumbai: The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research has found that 80 per cent of people in the city may be affected by Kovid. The study also shows that Kovid’s third wave is not as severe as the second wave.

Once again, those infected with Kovid are less likely to develop the disease. But this type of infection is more likely to occur in the third wave, said Dr. who led the study. Sandeep Juneja warned. People infected with Kovid during the first wave in 2020 are more likely to get infected again during the third wave. Antibodies in their body can at least cause Kovid to re-infect. Once again, cases involving Kovid can be observed so that local authorities can make an accurate assessment of the spread of the disease in advance.

Getting the Kovid vaccine as soon as possible to about 20 per cent of those who have not yet contracted Kovid in Mumbai will also help in making an accurate assessment of the spread of the disease. The effectiveness of vaccines due to the presence of new variants and how cautious people are will be crucial factors in the third wave. If all four things go well, the third wave expected by September will not cause serious problems. The four factors are the absence of new variants, the second serious outbreak, the ability to vaccinate as many people as possible during the June-August period, and the effectiveness of the vaccine at 75 to 95 percent.

The study also found that the majority of people were infected with Kovid during the first wave, while by the time the second wave reached its peak in Mumbai, the number of cases was lower than in Delhi and Bengaluru. By the time the second wave reached its peak in Mumbai, about 11,000 people had been diagnosed with the disease a day. But the daily incidence was 28,000 in Delhi and 25,000 in Bengaluru.

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