‘Kohli himself should have made it clear whether Duke meant throwing the ball’; Jamison in controversy

Southee praises Jamieson for not falling into Kohli's 'trap'

Photo: Twitter

Christchurch: It has been reported that Jamieson has denied Kohli’s request to bowl to him on Duke Ball Network during the IPL. Fans turned on the New Zealand pacer after Kohli’s wicket fell to Jamison in both innings of the Test Championship final.

Jamison is now coming up with an explanation after this. Jamieson says Kohli has not spoken to him in a way that suggests he should be bowled out. He was told that he could train if he wanted to. He said nothing more seriously than that. I don’t think Kohli indirectly tried to tell me anything. “It is up to Kohli to decide whether that is the intention,” Jamison said.

Jamison was the most watered down Indian batsman in the World Test Championship final. Jamieson, who took seven wickets in two innings, was the man of the match in the final.