Kodisuni and Shafi help to ‘break’ gold, rewarded: Arjun Ayanki | Kodi Suni

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The trash can will be checked in the hive to find the phone

Kodisuni and Shafi will be questioned by Customs

Kochi / Kannur: Arjun Ayanki’s crucial statement acknowledging the involvement of the accused in the TP case in the gold robbery case. During interrogation by customs, Kodi Suni and Mohammad Shafi testified that they helped in the smuggling of gold. Arjun has admitted to Customs that he paid them for this.

Earlier, a phone conversation claimed that one-third of the gold would be donated to the party (Kodi Suni described the team as “the party”).

Earlier, it was reported that Kodi Suni, who was jailed after being convicted in the TP case, was sitting there controlling the Quotations team. Mohammad Shafi is currently on parole.

According to Arjun Ayanki, the accused in the TP case helped him to abscond. There are indications that Arjun Ayanki and his gang carried out several operations in front of Kodi Suni. It is clear to Customs that they had the protection of Kodisuni.

Based on Arjun Ayanki’s statement, Customs is preparing to question Kodisuni and Shafi soon. Meanwhile, Arjun said that his phone was thrown into the river. This is something Customs has not yet come to trust. However, it is possible to test the Kannur Kuppam river.

Customs will take evidence with Arjun Ayanki, who was brought to Kannur for evidence, at home and at the place where the car was first abandoned.

Content Highlight: Kodi Suni and Muhammed Shafi helped for gold smuggling: Arjun Ayanki