Kodakara money laundering case: K. Surendran notice | k surendran

Thrissur: BJP in Kodakara case State President K. Surendran was sent a notice by the police. In the notice handed over to him, he was asked to appear before the investigation team in Thrissur on Tuesday 10 to collect information.

The money was looted in an accident at 4.40 am on April 3. The BJP According to the police report, the money was used for election expenses. Twenty-two suspects have been arrested in connection with the money laundering case.

Now the task of the probe team is to find out the truth behind the allegation that the BJP has links with money. It was alleged that the party had brought the party from Karnataka to use for the elections and that the goons had extorted money with the knowledge of some party leaders. Several BJP leaders have been arrested in connection with the case. Though information has been collected from the leaders, the police have not released any information. More BJP in the case. The party had decided not to co-operate with the probe as it was preparing to gather information from leaders.

The RSS had brought Rs 25 lakh in the car. Dharmaraj, an activist, a native of Kozhikode and an Abkari, had lodged the complaint through driver Shamjeer.

Bail was rejected

The Thrissur District Sessions Court rejected the bail pleas of the 12th accused Malappuram Nilambur Mambat Kechery Kuniyil Abdul Rashid (47) and the 16th accused Kozhikode Kallayi Thanikkal Parambu Veetil Abdul Rashid (36). Defendants argued in their bail application that the money brought to a party election was looted by the goons themselves and that they had nothing to do with it. Bail was denied following the prosecution’s contention that granting bail would affect the investigation.

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