Klein Vision’s ‘Flying Car’ successfully completes 142nd test flight | Klein Vision’s Flying Car | Flying Car completes test flight between airports

Klein Vision’s flying car also saw success on the 142nd test flight. This sky car was built by Professor Stephen Klein. The car’s latest flight was on June 28. It was a 35-minute journey from Nitra International Airport in Slovakia to Bratislava Airport.

The plane arrived in Bratislava at 6.05am local time. After landing, the aircraft can be converted into a sports car using a single button. B.M. The car is powered by a W engine. It can carry two people. Professor Stephen told the international media that it can travel up to 1000 km at an altitude of 8200 feet.

The scenes of Nithra getting out of the plane, the views from the plane and finally the vehicle coming down the road from the Bratislava airport are now a hit on social media.