Kitex has not been inspected by the Department of Industry; Issues raised will be taken seriously: Minister P Rajeev | siraj daily

Thiruvananthapuram | Minister P Rajeev said that the industries department has not conducted inspections in the kite class. The minister said the inspection was carried out by some other departments and the sector magistrate. The Secretary, Department of Industries was directed to look into the complaints in this regard. Rajeev said the secretary had also reported that the industries department had not carried out inspections and had not received any complaints in this regard.

The issues raised by Kitex will be taken seriously. High level inspections will be conducted in connection with other departments. He said the government would give full support to those who want to start and run business ventures as per the law.

Kitex yesterday announced that it was withdrawing from new investment projects worth Rs 3,500 crore signed with the government in protest of a series of government raids.