Kitex did not file a written complaint and contacted management when the dispute arose; Minister P Rajeev

Industries Minister P Rajeev on Monday said that the government was withdrawing from the project. The minister told the media that the Kitex management had not lodged a written complaint and had contacted the management when the controversy arose. The Department of Industry has not conducted inspections on the kite class. The minister said the inspection was carried out by some other departments and the sector magistrate.

The Secretary, Department of Industries was tasked with examining the complaints. The Secretary also reported that the Industries Department had not carried out any inspections and had not received any complaints in this regard. Kitex MoU not signed in Ascend. The interest was expressed. The Minister added.

The government will take the issues raised by Kitex seriously. High level inspections will be conducted in connection with other departments. The government will provide all possible support to those who want to start a business venture in the state as per the law and go ahead with it. Minister P Rajeev clarified that the previous propaganda on social media was not correct and it would give a wrong picture of the industrial environment in Kerala.

Kitex had yesterday announced that it was withdrawing from the Rs 3,500 crore new investment projects signed with the government in protest of the ongoing government raids. Kitex has complained that the factory in the East Coast has been inspected 11 times in the past month.
ENGLISH SUMMARY; Minister P Rajeev says that ‚Kitex did not file a written complaint and contacted management when the dispute arose
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