Kirani’s lawyer said Vismaya had a suicidal tendency

Sasthamcotta: A BAMS student who died at her husband’s house was a young woman with a suicidal tendency, said Adv. B.A. Alur. Alur argued in court that the suicide was without any special provocation and that Kiran had no criminal background. Kiran Kumar, who is in jail in connection with the mysterious death of Vismaya, was granted bail by the BA in Sasthamcotta court on Friday morning. Alur attended. The case was called at 11 a.m. but was later adjourned to 12 p.m. Alur and his team came up with detailed written arguments. Defendant contended that Vismaya had a suicidal tendency and that Kiran Kumar, a high-ranking member of society, should not be imprisoned. Kiran, who is a motor vehicle inspector and has a high profile in the society, has no criminal background. Alur claimed that the two had watered the plant together in the evening. Public Prosecutor Kavyanayar questioned the contention of the respondent. It is an offense under section 304B of the F.A.R. Dowry torture death is obvious. Defendant Kovid was rushed to hospital while being investigated as to whether he was involved in any other offenses. Bail should not be granted at this time. The accused has to be taken back into custody and the investigation has to be completed. The prosecution argued that the testimony and circumstantial evidence showed that the defendant was involved in more crimes. Bail was changed to five for sentencing.