kim jong un | Kim Jong Un is tired and sick again; It is also being monitored by international intelligence agencies

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Seoul: The suspicion of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s illness is being discussed again. Kim, who is considered the world’s greatest dictator, is tired of raising suspicions that he is deadly. Speculation is rife that Kim, who does not appear on stage much, has been living in complete anonymity in recent times.

Disease discussions are also progressing by comparing Kim’s old and latest pictures. Based on a photo of him released at a recent party meeting, there is a lot of speculation. His sudden weight loss has raised concerns among the people of North Korea, Reuters reports.

Some believe that weight loss is due to illness. Reuters quoted a Pyongyang citizen as saying that the news was “heartbreaking” for all citizens. The footage came out after Kim went to see a concert after a recent Workers’ Party of Korea meeting. He was accompanied by other party leaders.

Very few public comments have been made about North Korea’s dictatorship. But experts’ evaluation and analysis of Kim’s photo has become a topic of discussion among the people. Discussions about Kim’s body fatigue began in early June. It has been a long time since he appeared in public.

North Korean experts had earlier said that Kim had lost a lot of weight. When Kim suddenly appeared in front of the media a month later, discussions began based on the compatibility of the two photos. A few days ago, Kim’s non-attendance at the birth anniversary of the country’s founder and grandfather, Kim Il Sung, sparked a heated debate. In 2014, it was reported that Kim was ill.

In Kim’s absence, there has been speculation as to who will take over North Korea. International intelligence agencies, experts and the media are constantly monitoring his health, Reuters reports.

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