Kejriwal reserves 440 volt shock; AAP issues warning to Amarinder Battle lines | between | the ruling Congress and the AAP

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is all set to announce a major shock to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and the ruling Congress party. In his tweet, Kejriwal had said that next year’s Punjab Assembly elections would be a hot battle between the Congress and the AAP. Kejriwal promised Punjab a ‘new dawn’ and told the people of Punjab that they would meet within hours.

‘Everything is ready! Arvind Kejriwal will make a mega announcement today that will give a 440 volt shock to the captain and the Congress. This is what AAP tweeted. AAP’s tweet follows Kejriwal’s tweet that 200 units of electricity will be provided free of cost to every household in Punjab.

‘The government is providing 200 units of electricity as promised in the elections to every family in Delhi. The women of every family in Delhi are happy. At the same time, women in Punjab are reeling from rising inflation. AAP guarantees 200 units of free electricity to every household in Punjab. Kejriwal tweeted on Monday night.

The AAP aims to use excessive power tariffs in Punjab as its main weapon in the elections. Kejriwal has also assured that the AAP’s chief ministerial candidate will be from the Sikh community.

The AAP alleged that the government had denied permission for Kejriwal to attend a press conference at 1 pm on Tuesday. AAP leader Raghav Chadha tweeted that Captain Amarinder Kejriwal was denied permission to visit because he was intimidated. Amarinder, however, denied the allegations. Amarinder said he was ready to host a party for Kejriwal if needed. Amarinder Kejriwal has been described as “always a liar”.

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