Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa rules out leadership change, says he will complete his term

BS Yediyurappa says he will complete his term as Karnataka chief minister

There is no confusion among our ministers or legislators: BS Yediyurappa


Excluding the change in leadership, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said on Thursday that he would remain in the post for the remaining two years and complete the term, and there was no confusion about this within the BJP. in power.

Suggesting that last year had been like a “trial by fire” for his administration with natural disasters and a COVID pandemic, he said his government’s desire was to put Karnataka on the first place on the map development of the country, as he also referred to the financial constraints facing the State.

“In the year and a half of my administration, even for a day, I didn’t care, I was focused on my work and my development. These things had no impact in any way.” Mr Yediyurappa said in response to a question about the discussions on leadership change and its impact on the administration.

Speaking to reporters, he said that after BJP secretary general in charge of state Arun Singh made it clear that there was no problem for the next two and a half years and that Mr. Yediyurappa will continue as Chief Minister, such questions do not arise. at all.

“There is no confusion among our ministers or legislators, but also among people. If there is confusion, it is between friends of the media. If you cooperate, everything will be fine,” he said. declared.

There has been intense speculation in some quarters that the BJP high command is considering a change of leadership in Karnataka in the coming days given the age of Mr. Yediyurappa (77).

Although the BJP state has categorically rejected such speculation, it refuses to extinguish itself, with some within the party such as senior parliamentarian Basanagouda Patil Yatnal giving it credence with their statements. Asked about BJP lawmakers making open statements and writing letters expressing their displeasure, Mr Yediyurappa said out of so many lawmakers, one or two could have made certain statements.

“… to address their concerns, I will hold a division meeting with all of our lawmakers,” he said.

Referring to the impact of COVID on the state and its economy, the Chief Minister, who also manages the finance portfolio, said: “We could face a budget cut of Rs 25,000 to 30,000 crore and we may have to deal with this problem in the next budget. as well. “


Despite this, efforts will focus on the development of the state, including the welfare of farmers, farm laborers, the SC / ST community and backward communities, among others, he said. Noting that his desire and dream was to bring Karnataka to the first place on the country’s development map, Yediyurappa said that all of his cabinet staff were working collectively to achieve this goal.

“It was kind of a test by fire with the drought, the floods, the COVID and all of that led to a budget cut, but despite all of that every effort is made to keep the promises made in the budget and I have no doubts that we will get there. ,” he said.

Declaring that the BJP is strengthening its base across the country, including in Karnataka, the chief minister asserted in recent Gram Panchayat polls, for which the tally took place on Wednesday, more than 60% of BJP candidates have won and created history.

According to reports, out of 5,728 Gram Panchayats, BJP-backed candidates won a majority in around 3,800 panchayats, he said, while acknowledging the efforts of responsible district ministers, MPs and party workers.

Although the Gram Panchayat polls do not take place on party symbols, all political parties have made efforts to ensure that the candidate they are supporting wins, in order to have their grip on politics at the level of the party. basic, which can be beneficial for them in taluk. or zilla panchayat and even assembly polls whenever that happens.

Also citing the BJP winning 12 of the 15 assembly seats allocated to bypass in December 2019 and victory in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Sira segments earlier this year, Mr. Yediyurappa said these results show the party has made inroads in the bastion of opposition parties. Highlighting his government’s handling of the COVID crisis while supporting communities in distress, he said, this also ensured continued development work despite the pandemic.

“Our government has been successful in attracting FDI even during the COVID pandemic. No less than 95 proposals worth 1.54 lakh crore were received, ”he said.