Karipur gold smuggling case: Sufian surrenders siraj daily

Kozhikode | Sufian, 31, who is suspected to be the main accused in the Karipur gold smuggling case, has surrendered to the police. Sufian Kondotty, a native of Koduvalli Wawad, Kozhikode, surrendered to the police. Two more people are yet to be arrested in the case. Police say Sufian has already been charged in a gold smuggling case. Kofeposa exists against him. He has been lodged in Parappana Agrahara Jail for six months and also in Thiruvananthapuram Jail.

Police believe that Sufian was the mastermind behind the WhatsApp group smuggling 11 kg of gold in Bangalore. Sufian reached Koduvalli in Kozhikode from Dubai in 2018. During the existence of Kofeposa, it reached Kathmandu Airport and from there reached Kerala by road.