Kamal Haasan has no chance of victory: Gautami says BJP will win

Chennai: Actress Gautami has said that Kamal Haasan has no chance of winning the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Gautami said the BJP would win in Coimbatore South, where Kamal Haasan is contesting. There is no connection between fame in cinema and success in politics. Gautami was speaking to the media during a BJP campaign event in Coimbatore.

Gautami said only good politicians can win elections. BJP will win in Coimbatore South. Gautami said he would ask for votes for the BJP here. Gautami, who was also his wife, came out with a response to Kamal Haasan’s referendum from Coimbatore South constituency.

Gautami, the BJP’s star campaigner, had started campaigning even before the list of candidates was released. Gautami has been camping at the Virudhanagar Rajapalayam for months.