kaloor dennis antony eastman I forced Antony to direct: Kaloor Dennis

kaloor dennis antony eastman

Screenwriter Kaloor Dennis in memory of the late director Anthony Eastman. He opened up to 24Web about his friendship with Eastman Studios, his first film, Inayethedi, and Dennis’ first screenplay, Antony’s Field.

“My first screenplay was directed by Antony. The movie The Field. It has a history before that, and Antony had a studio called Eastman. Around 74, I, John Paul, Anthony, and artist Kithu had a group together. Anthony is a still photographer. In the evenings we met at Anthony’s studio. That’s when Antony wanted to make a movie. It’s time to move from black and white to color. A picture of newcomers only. That was the thought. Antony is meant to be an art movie. Kalashala Babu was chosen as the captain. Still not sure who the director is. The film has to be made for Rs 1 lakh. That is the plan. That’s when I suggested Antony himself to direct the film. So Antony was forced to become a director. That is how ‘Inayethedi’ was directed by Antony. And you know the story of how Silk went in search of Smitha. During the violin I was told to prepare the script. Then he said, “I asked if this was a payment to make you a director. That’s what I did when a situation like that came up. Then I went the other way. Antony could not make a lot of films later, ”said Kaloor Dennis.

“Anthony used to call me from time to time. You say you made me a director. I was called until yesterday. Occasionally when called, many will say dead. Poovachal Khader and photographer Shiva would be dead and we would be a few. It’s as simple as that. It was Anthony’s son who called me this morning, ”added Kaloor Dennis.

“I used to run a film weekly called Chithrapournami. Artist Kithu and I. John Paul was in the Canara Bank. Our office was nearby. That’s how we become friends. John Paul wrote the screenplay for the mate, ”he said.

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