Kalluvathukkal Case Police Found Reshma Facebook friend Reshma Facebook | Police say they have found Reshma’s Facebook friend

Kollam: Mysteries finally cleared up. Reshma’s Facebook friend found abandoned in Kalluvatukkal Cybercell found that Reshma had at least six Facebook accounts. It was found that Reshma had four SIM cards. One of the cards was destroyed by Reshma.

A list of four has been prepared. The investigation team has approached Facebook for information about Reshma’s chat. According to police, Reshma’s boyfriend is one of the four in the list.

They will be questioned the next day. Police have questioned Ranjit, the husband of Reshma’s cousin Arya, who committed suicide the previous day.

Reshma had six Facebook accounts. An account will only be abandoned after three months of use. This was the method. Reshma was chatting with her boyfriend through these accounts.

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Reshma received the messages from Ananthu ‘s Facebook account. According to the police, Reshma had gone to see him several times but could not. The police conducted a very detailed investigation in this regard.

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In the case, Reshma’s cousins ​​committed suicide by jumping into the Ithikkarayat a few days ago. The case has reached the accused Reshma again.

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