Square Enix has announced that it will bring the Just Cause series to Android with the release of a free-to-play shooter called Just Cause: Mobile. The game is slated for release in 2021, although it is not managed by Avalanche Studios (the developers behind the console and PC games), but will instead be developed by a new team led by Square Enix.

You can see the announcement trailer directly above, and as you can see this shooter offers an isometric view as you shoot your way to success. Series staples, like your grappling hook, are emerging, as well as skydiving from planes and ledges. Fans can look forward to a story campaign, as well as competitive 30-person multiplayer missions and 4-player co-op missions. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4 and will of course offer touch controls.

Since Just Cause: Mobile will be free, Square has been kind enough to confirm that in-app purchases will be included. Square was also keen to mention that the company will not be ditching the main console and PC series, making it clear that Square understands that some of its audience hates F2P mobile games. Still, the company is still going to release this title despite the poor reception that goes along with its announcement, which gives me the feeling that Just Cause: Mobile will more than likely exist as a drain on money.

Still, I’m sure more than a few people will be eager to get their hands on Just Cause: Mobile whenever it arrives, but since this is a new announcement where the details are still clear, we’ll all have to wait further. information as development progresses. Until then, feel free to check the official site where you can sign up to receive game updates and news in your email.

Square Enix released a new trailer for Just Cause Mobile

Square Enix decided to start hosting events similar to Nintendo Directs, and so today was the first Square Enix Presents. During this event, Square released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming mobile version of Just Cause, which you can watch above.

Oddly enough, this trailer doesn’t reveal much about the game as it’s a cutscene, so we’re basically at the same point we were in December when Square first announced Just Cause Mobile. You’d think the studio would have something to show off after four months, especially since the game is slated for release this year. So hopefully Square will finally find the courage to show us what the game looks like in action before its release. Until then, have fun watching the second cinematic trailer for Just Cause Mobile.