‘Junior artist to escape from clapboard bottom’, Arun Gopi with photo


Arun Gopi / Facebook on CBI to fight

AArun Gopi is stepping into cinema as a assistant director. But Arun came in front of the camera not only as an assistant director but also as a junior artist. He made his film debut in Mammootty’s CBI to play the role of a policeman on guard. Now Arun has shared with the fans about his acting moment in the movie. He says he became a junior artist to escape the clapboard bottom. Seeing him with the clapboard was like seeing the devil cross to Sir Salu George. Arun says he always clapped beyond his frame.

You can read Arun Gopi’s post

One day … !! To escape from the world’s most difficult task of beating the clapboard, the junior artist escapes in the guise of a policeman in the guise of being a junior artist and swallows a spear. Salu George Sir was the cameraman !! Seeing me with the clapboard was like seeing the devil cross to Sir !! Can’t fault it, because I put the clap on the other side of the frame that I generally survey. To the memory of those days when Madhu Sir was not ready to accept the years of abuse and defeat .. !! With dear Jishnu !! Jishnu was the first actor’s friend.