Judo coach thrown 27 times; Seven-year-old dies after more than 2 months unconscious Seven Year Old Boy | Thrown 27 Times | In Judo Class | Dies

Taipei: A seven-year-old boy who was unconscious for more than two months has died after being thrown 27 times in a row by a judo coach, hospital officials said. The coach was harassed during a judo class.

The boy was admitted to Feng Yuan Hospital in Taichung on April 21. The child, who remained in a coma for more than 70 days following a brain haemorrhage, also had respiratory problems. The parents decided to remove the life-saving system provided to their son after many of his internal organs became inoperable. Following this, the life support system given to the baby on Tuesday was withdrawn.

The only information available to the media about the child was his family name, Huang. The coach responsible for the child’s tragedy was found guilty last month. Prosecutors said he physically abused children who came to class and used children for crimes.

Huang, who had no idea about the basics of judo, was instructed by the coach to train with other children on the day of the incident. After hearing the boy’s joke that the coach was a fool, the coach started teaching the boy some exercises by throwing. He reportedly threw the child to the ground several times after he said he had a headache. He continued the torture until the child became unconscious.

Huang pleaded not to throw, but the coach refused to stop. Local media reported that the Huang family said the child had been thrown to the ground 27 times. Prosecutors said the boy’s head continued to hit the ground. The boy’s uncle was on the scene at the time but could not stop the coach.

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