JRD to NaviMumbai Airport Online campaign to name Tata

NaviMumbai : JRD, known as the father of Indian aviation, has landed at Navi Mumbai Airport. Online campaign to name Tata JRD for NaviMumbai Airport is a change website. Support for the need to rename Tata International Airport. According to the site, the petition was filed three years ago. Earlier, such a demand was raised but in the last two days, there has been a lot of support for this demand. As of Saturday evening, 15,000 people had supported the petition on the site.

According to the site, airports in the USA, France and Australia are named after some of the leading figures in the field of civil aviation, but no airport in India has been given such a name. The demand was first put forward by Pilo Tata, a member of the Tata family.

DB, who worked for the welfare of the people in the affected areas of NaviMumbai Airport The new demand comes amid an agitation by the All Party Action Committee (AIAC) to name Patil.

DB for new airport The women, led by an action committee, are set to celebrate Wat Purnima in front of Sisco Bhavan in protest of Patil’s name not being given. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government last week approved a proposal to name the airport after Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray.