Janu gets Rs 25 lakh more in Bathery: Praseetha | siraj daily

Kannur | JRP treasurer Praseetha Azhikode said that BJP state president K Surendran had given Rs 25 lakh to CK Janu in Bathery in addition to the Rs 10 lakh initially given. Praseetha told a channel that she had given a statement to the probe team yesterday. BJP Wayanad district general secretary Prashanth Malavayal handed over the money to Janu at the Manimala resort in Kottakunnu where they were staying. The money came the day after the phone conversation with K Surendran.

Prashant Malayavayal brought the money in a cloth bag. On top of that were small fruits and so on. When our secretary asked for a small piece of fruit from it, he replied that it was a pooja performed for the candidate. Praseetha said that five minutes later, CK Janu came and bought the bag.

Meanwhile, there is evidence in the latest audio recording that Janu was paid with the knowledge of the RSS leadership and BJP organizing secretary Ganesh. The phone conversation between BJP state president K Surendran and Praseetha was leaked. Praseetha has confirmed that the new phone conversations that have come out are hers.

The audio recording of K Surendran asking Praseetha if CK Janu did not call Ganesh has come out. I had called and arranged it yesterday. He may have called to ask how, where, and how to buy. 25 has been asked to give. For your need. You got it. I have told Ganeshji to give 25 for the needs of your party. It will give. The rest is done by the constituency parties. Take care of your party. Tell CK Janu to call back. They did not understand who Ganeshji was. The phone conversation ends with him saying that he is the state organizing secretary.