Ivan Pericic Kovid, a heavy blow to Croatia before facing Spain

croation player ivan_perisic

Croatian player Ivan Perisic / Photo: Twitter

U.S.A setback for Croatia ahead of the pre-quarterfinal match in the Raw Cup. Kovid confirmed to star winger Ivan Perisic. With this, the player will not be able to play against Spain.

The Spain-Croatia pre-quarterfinal match is on Monday. Croatia said the test results of other players and coaching staff on the team were negative. After Covid confirmation, it can be inoculated for 10 days.

The loss of Perisic is a major setback for the World Cup runners-up. Spain will face Croatia in the quarter-finals, beating Slovakia by 5 goals to none. Perisic’s goal in the second half of the group stage helped Croatia to a draw against the Czech Republic.

In the final match of the group stage, they beat Scotland 3-1. In the absence of Perisic, Croatia’s hopes for Modric are slim. Croatia beat Spain 2-1 in the Euro 2016 group stage.