‘It’s a juicy mental illness’: Colleagues support Kailash

Co-stars in support of actor Kailash, who was attacked by a troll on social media. They announced their support for Kailash by sharing the poster of the Mission C movie that caused the troll. Director Arun Gopi, Marthandan actors Appani Sarath and Nandan Unni are on the scene.

Arun Gopi: Dear Kailash’s new movie poster … I am happy and proud to share it … !! For many, this will be a pastime. Just writing words on social media that can hurt someone in a closed room will one day give relief to that juicy psychedelic mind … Beyond that, cinema is for many … to show modesty so as not to hurt to understand … !! Is the application

G. Marthandan: Those who make jokes will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Only they know that. Kailash is the best artist with the support of the audience.

Nandan Unni: Kailash Bro is a person I do not know yet … This cyber attack against him is very painful … Sit down and do not despise the greetings, friends ..