Italy beat world number one Belgium by two goals to one in the semi-finals

Munich: Italy advanced to the semi-finals of the Euro Cup after defeating world number one Belgium. The Assyrians defeated Belgium by two goals to one in the quarter-finals. Romelu Lukaku scored a consolation goal for Belgium from the penalty spot while Nicolo Barella and Lorenzo Incini scored for Italy. Both the teams put up a good performance.

With this victory, Italy finished 32 consecutive matches unbeaten. Under Mancini, Italy will face Spain in the semifinals. Belgium have been knocked out of the Euro Cup quarter-finals for the second time in a row. The Red Devils were out of the semi-finals of the 2016 Euro Cup as well. Last time Italy was also out in the quarter finals.

In the first few minutes of the match, Belgium and Italy put up a solid performance. Italy and Belgium put out excellent performances with attacks and counter-attacks. Italy scored in the 13th minute through Bonucci but the referee called offside through Ware.

In the 16th minute, Belgium’s Tillemens longhanger flew over the Italian cross bar. In the 21st minute, Belgium ‘s Kevin De Bruyne’s long goal was unbelievably knocked out by Italian goalkeeper Donarumma. In the 26th minute, Romelu Lukaku’s superb grounder and donor was saved by Italy.

In the 27th minute, Italy’s Inzini’s curved longhanger flew over the cross bar. However, Italy took the lead in the 31st minute. Midfielder Niccol ബ Barella scored for the Assyrians.

Verratti found the ball from a small error by the Belgian defense and passed it to Berella. The player who received the pass overtook two Belgian defenders and put the ball into the net. The ball bounced off the second post and into the net without giving any chance to goalkeeper Kurtwa. With this, the confidence of Italy increased. This was Barella’s first goal in the Euro Cup.

In the 40th minute, Italy’s Kiesa’s long range shot passed just past the Belgian post. After the goal, Belgium intensified their attack but were unable to subdue the Italian defense. Italy took the lead in the 44th minute. This time it was Lorenzo Incini who scored for the Assyrians.

With the ball in the middle of the ground, Insene advanced to the net through a smashing long-range shot. This is one of the best goals of the season. This gave Italy a 2-0 lead.

But to Italy’s delight, Belgium struck back in the next minute. In the 45th minute, the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Belgium for knocking down Belgian striker Djokovic into the Italian box by De Lorenzo.

Superstar Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring for Belgium. Then the first half ended. Italy took a 2-1 lead in the first half.

Both teams stood together in the second half. Belgium made quick moves to score the equalizer. But the midfielder failed to get the ball to striker Lukaku. Lukaku missed a golden opportunity in the 61st minute. The player had a chance to score into the Italian post where even the goalkeeper was not exactly on De Bruyne’s pass. Yet Lukaku was unable to hit the ball into the open post. The star’s weak touch hit Spinasola’s leg and went out.

In the 65th minute, Spinasola had a good chance but the player’s kick went just wide of the post. In the 68th minute, Insinia’s long-range goalie Kurtwa scored. In the 70th minute, Lukaku had a golden opportunity to score on an open post, but the player could not even head the ball. Hazard, who came in later, also failed to catch the ball. In the 78th minute, Spinasola was ruled out with a leg injury.

In the 84th minute, Doku’s shot flew over the crossbar, but the defenders deflected the ball into the Italian box with lightning speed. In the 90th minute, Belgium got a free kick from outside the box. But the team could not turn it into a goal. The Azzurri struggled to find the back of the net, but struggled to find the back of the net in the final minutes. Kellini and his team advanced to the semi-finals with the victory they deserved.

You can read the live description of the match below …

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