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Euro Cup | Euro Cup: Italy beat Belgium in Super Fight to advance to the semi-finals;  Rivals Spain

Spain will face Italy in the semi-finals after beating Belgium

Italy advanced to the semi-finals of the Euro Cup quarter-finals after overcoming world number one Belgium. Italy beat Belgium by two goals to one. Romelu Lukaku scored for Belgium from the penalty spot, while Nicolo Barella and Lorenzo Incinne scored for Italy. Belgium also missed a number of chances in the game. With the victory over Belgium, Italy finished another match unbeaten. The Italian team under Roberto Mancini has completed 32 matches unbeaten. In the semi-finals, Italy will face Spain.

This is the second time in a row that Belgium has been knocked out in the Euro Cup quarterfinals. They were also out of the quarterfinals at Euro 2016. With the defeat looming, the dream of a title under the golden generation of the Belgian team is once again lingering.

Belgium and Italy performed well together at the start of the match. Italy took the lead in the 13th minute through their defensive midfielder Bonucci, but the referee called offside after checking the player’s goal war.

In response, Belgium took the lead in the Italian box but could not find the back of the net. Tillemans’ long range flew over the Italian cross bar. In the 21st minute, Belgium made a breakthrough again, but Kevin De Bruyne’s superb shot was deflected away by Italian goalkeeper Donarumma. In the 26th minute, a shot from Lukaku was blocked by the Italian goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, Italy came up with advances again. They then took the lead in the match. Midfielder Niccol Barella scored the opening goal for Italy. Verratti Barella got the ball from a small error by the Belgian defense. The shot went past the two Belgian defenders after accepting the pass and into the net without giving any chance to goalkeeper Kurtwai. Italy played with increasing vigor after the goal was scored.

In the 40th minute, Italy’s kiosk shot went just wide of the post. After the goal, Belgium intensified their attack but were unable to overcome the Italian defense.

Italy, meanwhile, raised their scores again. Italy took the lead thanks to a stunning goal from Lorenzo Incio. The ball bounced off the center of the ground and into a beautiful goal by Insein.

But Italy could not rejoice overtime. In the 45th minute, the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Belgium for knocking down Belgian striker Djokovic in the Italian box by De Lorenzo. Superstar Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring for Belgium.

Both teams came out on top in the second half. Belgium were desperate to score the equalizer. However, the midfield failed to get the ball to striker Lukaku and the player was unable to capitalize on the opportunity. In the 61st minute, Lukaku wasted a golden opportunity to keep pace. Despite the goalkeeper not being in the right position on De Bruyne’s pass, the player was unable to score in the open. The player’s weak shot hit the leg of the Italian Spinasola and went wide.

Later, despite the Italian advances, the goalkeeper was able to save Belgium without conceding another goal. Opportunities came on the other side but Lukaku missed opportunities again. Then, in the 84th minute, Doc’s shot bounced off the crossbar into the Italian box and into the back of the net. In the 90th minute, the Belgian team got a free kick from outside the box, but they could not convert it into a goal. All the subsequent Belgian advances were met by the Italian defense and they finally got the victory they deserved and advanced to the semis.


Italy overpowers Belgium in the Euro Cup quarter final by 2-1 and marches into semis

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July 3, 2021, 3:20 AM IST