It looks like the goal was scored in the final; Hungary coach against Cristiano


Cristiano Ronaldo scores a penalty against Hungary / Photo: Portugal Football, Twitter

ADHungary team coach against Stano Ronaldo’s goal celebration. Marco Rossi said that Cristiano’s celebration after scoring a penalty against them was like scoring a goal in the final.

Portugal’s first match at Euro 2020 was against Hungary. Hum Gary held on there for 84 minutes without conceding a goal. However, Cristiano scored his second goal of the season in the 87th minute against Hungary. Cristiano Ronaldo became the top scorer in the Euro Championship with a penalty goal against Hungary.

Cristiano is a great champion. But often Cristiano is annoyed. Cristiano celebrated as if he had scored a goal in the final after a penalty against us. People will pay attention to all these things, Marco Rosie said.

Despite failing to make the group stage in the Euros, Hungary returns with a handshake. They drew 1-1 with France and 2-2 with Germany. The team coach said that the performance that came here from Hungary was a performance that stayed in the minds of people for a long time. The result was disappointing. But we were close to getting to the next round. He added that even in the best myths, happy endings are rare.