Israel with technology that makes soldiers ‘invisible’

Tel Aviv: Israel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art weapons and defense equipment. The Israeli military is now pursuing new technology that makes soldiers virtually invisible from rivals. The new system is a camouflage (invisible) net redesigned by Israeli manufacturer Polaris Solutions.

300 kit sheets have been developed in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It is made of microfibers and metals and materials that make it difficult for human eyes and thermal cameras to see.

Sheet kits have two sides that can be used in forests and deserts. It can be wrapped around the body and used as a rock-like barrier. The manufacturers claim that this will make it harder for them to identify. An official at its research and development unit said anyone looking with binoculars from a distance could not see the soldiers.

These sheets weigh only about half a kilogram. It can be rolled up by soldiers traveling to dangerous battlefields. Moreover, these sheets can carry a weight of more than 200 kg.