Israel with new technology that makes soldiers invisible to their opponents

Tel Aviv: Israel is at the forefront of developing and using state-of-the-art weapons and defense equipment. Israel also supplies defense to many countries. The country is currently experimenting with new technology that makes soldiers invisible from the eyes of rivals. Israeli manufacturer Polaris Solutions has come up with a new Clamofage Net.

The Kit 300, a chlamophage technology, was developed in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It is made of microfibers, metals, and polymers that are invisible to the naked eye and thermal cameras.

These sheets, which weigh only a pound, can be folded and unfolded. It is built in such a way that it can be taken by soldiers to dangerous battlefields. The two-sided sheets, which can be used in woods and deserts, can withstand loads of up to 500 500. It can wrap around the body and stick together with rocks to create resistance. Authorities say binocular observers from remote areas will not be able to see the soldiers.