Is the daily vaccination record hoarded for the record?

New Delhi: A record vaccination report was released in the country on Monday. On Tuesday, 54.22 lakh people were vaccinated. According to the report, 88 lakh people were vaccinated on Monday alone. The center described it as the largest daily vaccine mission in the world. This raises doubts about the number of people who received the vaccine on Tuesday. Doubts have been raised as to whether states have stockpiled the vaccine for Monday’s record. The fact that the seven states that received the most vaccines on Monday are ruled by the BJP also raises suspicions. Meanwhile, Congress leader P Chidambaram also came out with criticism.
‘Hoarded on Sunday, vaccinated on Monday, and will go back to the old lame again on Tuesday. This is the secret to a one-day vaccination world record. I am sure this heroic act will get a place in the Guinness Book of Records’ – Chidambaram tweeted sarcastically.