IPS agents D Roopa and Hemant Nimbalkar transferred by the government of Karnataka after public dispute

Officers D. Roopa and Hemant Nimbalkar had exchanged numerous allegations about Project Safe City and between themselves.

Following a raging controversy over the Safe City Project for Bengaluru and the open rift between two senior IPS officers, Dr Roopa and Hemant Nimbalkar, the two were given new posts by the Karnataka government. Nimbalkar, who was Additional Commissioner (Administration), Bengaluru was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security in Bengaluru. Dr Roopa, who was the state’s first female secretary of the interior, has been appointed general manager of Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, in Bengaluru.

These transfers were allocated by the state government as well as other transfers between the state IPS and IAS agents.

IPS Malini Krishnamoorthy has been appointed Additional Director General of Police and Principal Secretary of Government (PCAS), Ministry of the Interior. In addition, IPS Dr. K Ramachandra Rao has been transferred to the Department of Grievances and Human Rights, Bengaluru.

The bidding process for the multi-crore Bengaluru Safe City project revealed divisions in major IAS / IPS circles within the Karnataka government over allegations of double standards in handling corruption charges. Roopa and Nimbalkar, additional police commissioner (administration), Bengaluru and head of the tender committee for the project have exchanged allegations of wrongdoing regarding the project.

Roopa alleged that Nimbalkar being the head of the tender committee was in favor of a particular committee, violating the standards. Nimbalkar, for his part, alleged that Home Secretary Roopa was interfering with the process without any authorization. However, Roopa argued that she was brought into the decision-making process by the Chief Secretary himself.

She also alleged in a letter she wrote to Chief Secretary Vijaya Bhaskar that while the Interior Ministry had opened a swift investigation into a “false and substantiated” complaint against her, it was reluctant to do the same. against Nimbalkar even after months since the CBI sought sanction of the lawsuits. The letter also mentions that the CBI requested a prosecution sanction in September 2020.