IPL 2021 Prgyan Ohja reveals why MS Dhoni never wish his teammates before match | This is the reason why Dhoni did not greet anyone before the match; Revelation of Oja


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MS Dhoni is the captain who led India to incredible achievements. Dhoni, who has won all three ICC titles for India, is known as Captain Cool because he can lead the team with balance in any stressful situation. Dhoni is still leading Chennai in the IPL but as a captain, how many people do not greet their teammates before the match? Yes, there is no such thing as a regular Dhoni. Pragyan Ojha, a former colleague, says there is a clear reason for that.

IPL 2021

Ojha said that MS Dhoni used to greet his teammates before the match but was stopped later. Because whenever Dhoni greets his teammates, the opposite happens. Ojha said that was the reason why Dhoni stopped working.

“Dhoni does not routinely greet teammates with ‘All the Best’ or ‘Good Luck’ before matches. Pragyan Ojha said.

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Ojha said that it was Dhoni who told him about this. Even before the matches, Dhoni does not come close to the players of the opposing team. “They don’t want Dhoni’s greetings,” Ojha joked. Meanwhile, former cricketer Deep Das Gupta, who is also a commentator, said that MS Dhoni has a habit of keeping self-signed pens for match balls.

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