IPL 2021: brett lee says delhi capitals captain rishabh pant playing cheeky shot

New Delhi: The IPL firing starts today. Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee has praised the Delhi Capitals’ firing batsman ahead of the first match. Brett Lee says that the strength of the Delhi team is Rishabh Pant. Lee said the ball would go to another level once the captain position came up. Rishabh Pant is the future of Indian cricket. He is a player who is not arrogant in shots. But Brett Lee said he has no fear of playing any shot.


Every team needs a player like Rishabh Pant. The player can give a lot of value to the team playing. That is why the ball is said to be the future of Indian cricket. He is my favorite player. The ball can play very risky shots without arrogance. The ball has all the makings of a successful cricketer. The captain position was well handed over to the ball. It will still benefit Delhi. He will also have more responsibilities in batting. Lee said the team can reap great rewards for the player.

The ball is a very dangerous batsman. If I throw the ball against him and play the dangerous shots he regularly plays on those balls I will break down. To be honest those shots are going to disappoint any bowler. Those shots are so beautiful to look at. Players like the ball can bring great balance to teams. The ball is one of the best players in Indian cricket. Brett Lee said his potential is huge.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Maybe I would have stumbled in front of those shots. Salvation is only possible if you confront such players in the right way. At the same time, they have two big strengths in the Delhi team. With their coach Ricky Ponting coming along with the ball, it will become a good partnership. Any team needs players who play fearlessly like the ball. Brett Lee said Ponting’s leadership would sharpen the ball’s talent.

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