Instagram’s Top 9: How to Create and Share Your Own

It’s New Years Eve, so there’s a good chance your Instagram feed is full of people sharing their top 9 annual posts. If you want to create and share your own Instagram Top 9 before the end of the year, here’s how.

First of all, it’s kind of ridiculous that after years of the Top 9 trend’s incredible popularity, Instagram still hasn’t implemented a native way to create and share the current year right in the ‘application. Instead, users are forced to rely on third-party apps to create their collages, some of which are less privacy-conscious than others.

Nonetheless, the Top 9 trend is back in full force for 2020. When you’ve been browsing your Instagram feed this week, you’ve probably seen the Top 9 posts from friends and celebrities. The idea is that these recaps break down your top 9 Instagram posts in terms of likes for the year.

How To Create Your Instagram Top 9

Because Instagram hasn’t launched a native method of building your Top 9, there are a handful of third-party apps to fill the void. The most popular way to create and share your Instagram Top 9 this year is using the aptly named Top Nine for Instagram app from the App Store.

The app will ask for your Instagram username. Enter it and select “continue”. Then the app will ask for your email address. If you have a dedicated “junk” email address I suggest you use it here (or you can enter something completely random).

Once you enter your email address, the app will generate your Instagram Top 9 grid based on your most liked posts of the year. You’ll see a “Top 9” watermark on your grid, but you can remove it with a $ 1.99 in-app purchase if you want.

Another solution is the Best Nine app, which is also available for free on the App Store. It does not ask you for your email address and there is no watermark on the final image. The trade-off, however, is that it’s a rather beloved experience of an app.

To share your Top 9 grid on Instagram, press the “Share” button in either app and save the photo to your photo library or share it directly to your Instagram. If you save it to your photo library, you can upload it to Instagram just like you would any other image.

One last tip: beware of apps that require you to log into your Instagram account. These 9 best images can be generated without this access, as you can see with the services mentioned above.

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