Indrajith and Vijay Babu come up with a ‘sweet movie’ like Aluva

WalkIndrajith Sukumaran has announced his new movie. Producer and actor Vijay Babu made the announcement. The film is directed by Srikanth Murali with Vijay Babu. Vijay described the film as ‘a sweet movie like Aluva’. Other details of the film will be released on Vishu Day.

‘A great actor, a good man, a dear friend. The next film of Friday Film House in collaboration with Indrajith Sukumaran is being prepared with another dear friend Srikanth Murali. A sweet movie like Aluva കാത്തി Wait for the title… More details will be revealed on April 14, Vishu Day, ‘Vijay Babu wrote on Instagram.

‘AB’ starring Vineeth Sreenivasan was directed by Srikanth Murali. Indrajith is currently busy with the film ‘Anuradha Crime No. 59/2019’. Anu Sithara is the heroine in the film directed by Shaan Tulsidharan.

Last Updated Apr 10, 2021, 6:19 PM IST