Indications are that the mother has received information about her anonymous Facebook boyfriend Ananthu

Kollam: It is learned that information has been received about Ananthu, the anonymous Facebook lover of mother Reshma, who was arrested in the case of a baby who was abandoned in a charcoal pit soon after giving birth. A list of four people has been compiled by the cyber cell. According to police, Reshma’s Facebook boyfriend may be one of the four found by the police. They will be questioned the next day.

Meanwhile, the group had also approached Facebook for information about Reshma’s chat. Reshma had six Facebook accounts. One account will be discontinued with only three months. Then another account will be opened. According to police, Reshma spoke to her boyfriend through these accounts.

Reshma’s brother-in-law Thachakotte’s house Ranjith’s wife Arya’s mobile phone. Police have also recorded Ranjith’s statement. Police also received information that Reshma had gone to Varkala and Paravur to meet Ananthu. But it is not clear if it could be seen.

Meanwhile, police have seized three phones, including Reshma’s, as part of the investigation. Arya and Grieshma, who were called to record the statement, went missing and were found drowned in Ithikkarayat the next day while the search for Reshma’s unknown boyfriend was in progress.