Indian swimmer enters Olympics with international recognition; Greetings from the Union Ministry of Sports

New Delhi: An Indian woman has qualified for the Olympics for the first time. Mana Patel won the Tokyo ticket with global recognition. Mana Patel is the first woman athlete in the world to qualify for the Olympics and the third female athlete in India. Mana is the best swimmer in the box stroke category. A male and a female athlete from each country are eligible for admission under the criteria of University Quota.

Mana Patel will compete in the 100 meters at the Tokyo Olympics. Along with Manai, male players Sreehari Nataraju and Malayalee player Sajan Prakash had qualified with excellent timing. Mana Patel is set to return to the Olympics in 2019 after missing several matches due to an ankle injury. Mana scored about a minute and four seconds in the match in Uzbekistan.