India vs New Zealand: Final draw? Anything can happen on Reserve Day, chances are !! – wtc final: chances for india and new zealand on reserve day

The World Test Championship final was a big disappointment for cricket fans. The ICC has decided to hold the final in Southampton, England. Two days were lost due to heavy rain. Despite being given six days, including a reserve day, two days were completely lost. The match also lost a lot of time due to lack of light. As we move into Reserve Day five days later, we can see what will happen at the climax.

India to retaliate

At stumps on the fifth day, India lost the wickets of the openers. He scored 64 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli are at the crease. India currently have a lead of 32 runs. If we can hold on today, the match will go to a draw. With a lead of over 200, India are likely to send New Zealand to bat.

Possibility for a draw

It is true that bowlers have the upper hand in competition. Therefore, it is unlikely that batsmen will attempt an aggressive performance. It is better for both teams to bat carefully. But New Zealand has hope if India can be knocked out soon. The Kiwis will be looking to end India’s second innings with a lead of less than 150 runs.

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India’s potential

India’s chances of victory depend on what the bowlers do. Things will not be easy for India to win the match. India lost the first innings to the Kiwis. Anyway the reserve day of the final is heading towards a thrilling climax. A draw is more likely, but victory is not far off if both teams try.