India-linked Maruti Suzuki Jimny specs leaked

Maruti Suzuki Jimny created a lot of hype during its presentation at Auto Expo 2020. Now the manufacturer is working on the introduction of a 5-door version of the SUV for the Indian market as the three-door model was considered too impractical for the Indian market. Indian market. The new model was spotted in Europe recently and now official details of the SUV have been leaked online.

The leaked document makes it clear that the Jimny long wheelbase version will have larger dimensions. To be precise, the Jimny 5-door will be 3850mm long. In comparison, the three-door Jimny is 3,550mm and the Mahindra Thar 3,985mm. The width will remain the same as that of the three-door Jimny, measuring 1645mm. The Mahindra Thar measures 1855 mm. Height and ground clearance also remain the same at 1,730mm and 210mm. In comparison, the height of the Thar is 1,844 mm and the ground clearance is 226 mm.

Then there is the biggest difference, the wheelbase. The wheelbase of the three-door Jimny measures 2250mm while the five-door one measures 2550mm. This should free up a lot more cabin space and legroom for the rear occupants. The wheelbase of the Jimny 5-door is 100 mm longer than that of the Mahindra Thar which measures 2450 mm. So it would be interesting to see how much space these extra 100mm of Jimny 5-door can offer when it launches.

The document also reveals that the 5-door Jimny will weigh 100 kg more than the three-door Jimny which weighs 1090 kg. Both SUVs will use the same set of tires and rims which measure 195/80 and the rim measures 15 inches.

The Jimny 5-door will be powered by the same 1.5-liter K15B naturally aspirated gasoline engine. The engine produces 102 PS of maximum power and a peak torque output of 130 nm. It will be offered with a 5-speed manual transmission or an automatic 4-speed torque converter transmission. It’s the same engine and drivetrain combo we’ve seen on the Ertiga, XL6, Ciaz, S-Cross, and Vitara Brezza. However, the Jimny will come with a 4 × 4 powertrain, while the lower variants are expected to be front-wheel drive only to keep costs down.

The Jimny 5 door is codenamed YWD internally. The SUV should arrive on the Indian market by July 2022. The manufacturer has already sent the finalized plans and the request for quotation to its suppliers.

Earlier, CV Raman, engineering director of Maruti Suzuki, said there were no reports of the three-door Jimny arriving in India. He said they will closely follow the sales and response of the Mahindra Thar and then decide whether it is possible to invest in Jimny for the Indian market. According to him, the investment required for Jimny was too high and the returns were low for a three-door SUV because it is a niche market. Now, as we know, Thar has performed extremely well in the Indian market. Its success is such that if your book is Thar now, there is a good chance that it will be delivered next year. It is therefore logical that Suzuki has changed its mind and decided to invest in a larger Jimny which will be more practical and can be sold in India.