India joins rescue operations for missing Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala-402 with 53 on board

The Navy’s deep immersion rescue vessel departed Visakhapatnam this morning.

New Delhi:

The Indian Navy today joined the rescue operation of an Indonesian submarine and its crew of 53 who went missing more than 24 hours ago. Indonesia had asked India for help after its 44-year-old submarine, KRI Nanggala-402, went missing while conducting a torpedo exercise in the north of the island of Bali.

The Navy’s Deep Immersion Rescue Vessel (DSVR) departed Visakhapatnam this morning as the rescue operation entered its second day today. The mothership carrying the rescue submarine will likely take more than three days to reach the scene.

“At this time of crisis, our prayers go out with the Indonesian Navy, our brothers in arms aboard #KRINanggala and their families,” the Navy tweeted, sharing photos of the deep immersion rescue vessel.

Inducted in 2018-2019, the DSRVs are able to undertake rescue operations from a broken down submarine up to 650 meters deep. The DSRV system has side scan sonar to locate the position of the distressed submarine at sea and can provide immediate relief by displaying emergency survival containers using a remote controlled vehicle (ROV) and then saving the crew of the submarine. using the DSRV itself.

To ensure early mobilization, the system was purchased in a Flyaway configuration which allows rapid transport of the rescue system from the base to the exact location of the distressed submarine by transport using air / land / ships. sea.

India’s DSRV is the latest in technology and capabilities. Supplied by M / s James Fishes Defense, UK, they are based on the west and east coasts of India respectively to provide redundancy, high operational availability and rapid response to a submarine emergency.

The 44-year-old submarine was conducting a torpedo exercise in the waters north of the island of Bali on Wednesday, but failed to relay the results as expected, an Indonesian navy spokesperson said. Reuters news agency. An aerial search revealed an oil spill near the submarine’s dive site and two Navy ships with sonar capability were deployed to help with the search, the Defense Ministry said.

The 1,395-ton KRI Nanggala-402 was built in Germany in 1977, according to the Defense Ministry, and joined the Indonesian fleet in 1981.

About 40 countries operate submarines around the world, of which only a few have any form of submarine rescue capability.

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