India is a trusted partner; limited cooperation with Pakistan: Russia

Describing India as a “trusted partner”, Russia said on Wednesday that there were no differences or misunderstandings between the two countries and that it had “limited cooperation” with Pakistan on the basis “independent” relationships.

Deputy Head of Russian Mission Roman Babushkin also praised India and Pakistan’s recent commitment to follow the 2003 ceasefire on the Line of Control and said it was “measures very important ”for regional stability.

In a joint press conference with Babushkin, Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev criticized the Indo-Pacific strategy of Western countries, calling it “dangerous” and an effort to rekindle the Cold War mentality.

Babushkin said India must be part of the process of forming a regional consensus on Afghanistan and that New Delhi and Moscow have similar approaches to the Afghan peace process.

Asked about reports of poor views during Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s recent visit to India on his way to Islamabad from Delhi, Babushkin said Russia has independent relations with Pakistan and that ‘she “was not targeting any relationship against anyone.”

“We believe that there is absolutely no reason to see that there are differences or misunderstandings between us. This is not the case in Russian-Indian relations, ”he declared.

Kudashev said India was a trusted partner of Russia and that the ties between the two countries were “equal, strong, comprehensive, coherent and forward looking.”

He also mentioned that Lavrov’s visit to India on April 6 contributed a lot to the ties.

“It was a very important and remarkable event, which contributed a lot to the special and privileged strategic partnership between our two friendly nations. Our ties remain equal, strong, comprehensive, coherent and forward-looking despite the global turmoil, ”he said.

The ambassador said the visit was aimed at preparing for the India-Russia summit which is expected to take place in the second half of the year.

Babushkin said Russia has independent relations with India, Pakistan and other countries and the relations are based on their own merits.

“We are all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and are developing cooperation in various fields, including regional security, the fight against terrorism and the management of other threats,” he said.

“Russia has limited cooperation with Pakistan compared to India. However, the fight against terrorism is our common agenda. So we are also helping Pakistan to provide counterterrorism material and organize a dedicated exercise, ”he added.

After visiting India, Lavrov traveled to Islamabad on Tuesday where he said Russia was ready to provide special military equipment to Pakistan to boost its counterterrorism capabilities.

Babushkin said Russia was respecting the 1972 Simla Accord and the 1999 Lahore Declaration and had no intention of meddling in the issues between the two sides.

The Ambassador said that Russia is very pleased with the detailed discussion on a wide range of bilateral and international issues between India and Russia during Lavrov’s visit.

“This confirmed the closeness of our approaches and an exceptional level of mutual understanding and trust as well as the willingness to keep our traditional dialogue open-minded and forward-looking,” he said.