IND vs ENG: Vivian Richards calls on England to stop ‘moaning and moaning’ on Indian pitches

Amidst the debate over the third Test pitch, West Indian Vivian Richards criticized England for complaining about the revolving gate and added that he wanted to see a similar lead in the series’ final test. India had managed to defeat England in two days in the pink ball test. The match saw the batsmen of India and England fail to shine and come out of balls which did not turn and skidded by the spinners. But critics have sought to blame the field for the batsman’s failure.

Indian drummer Rohit Sharma said he didn’t think the pitch had demons. Even skipper Virat Kohli spoke of the appalling display of batting from both teams. Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin also echoed the sentiments.

Additionally, Richards also believes hitters should prepare for these conditions rather than complaining about the rotating conditions.

“I was asked recently about the test match that was played in India … the second and the third test match against England. And I’m a little confused on the matter really because it seems there have a lot of moans and moans about the wicket they were playing on, ”Richards said in a video posted to his Facebook page.

“I just thought that those who moan, in my opinion, should realize that there are times when you’re going to have a stitch track, a ball that basically jumps a good length and everyone thinks that is. “is a problem for hitters. There are times when hitters face that sometimes.

“But now you’ve seen the other side, and that’s why I think it was given the name Test Cricket Match, because of the test of mind and will and all that goes. with when you are competing.

“And the complaints have been that the wicket is spinning too much and all that sort of thing. That’s another aspect of the arc guys.

“People seem to forget that if you go to India you have to expect this. You are going to turn the earth. You basically have to prepare yourself to know what you are going to encounter rather than the moans and moans, especially recently how fast this test match has ended.

“It gives England an opportunity and a chance to assess things, to believe that for some reason the wicket they are going to face in the fourth test will be the same.

“If I was in India or had something to do with box office preparations, I would bring pretty much the same,” Richards added.

One of the game’s living legends, Richards continued to praise the Indian squad and said England should step out of their comfort zone and face the spin.

“Since that first test match England were in their comfort zone. They have now been taken out of their comfort zone and they have to find ways to cope with what they are going to encounter,” he said. declared.

“Shooting in all parts of the game, that’s what a test match brings. Indian pacers have been brilliant the last few years in terms of substance, wicket-making ability and stuff like that.


“But now that you’re in India you’re going to run into things and you have to find a way. You are going to get dirty. There is nothing in the regulations that says I have to score my points in pretty classic ways,” said -he.

“I just think all the whining and whining should stop and see the classic side of things in terms of Indian armory. And from where I’m sitting it’s good to see,” agreed the West Indian.

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