In the dead body in the trough | Madhyamam

Balochistan: Shari Kandi Veendra in a ditch below the road near Block Road. (69) was found dead on the ground. It was three o’clock on Friday evening when he was lying in a ditch. Seen by travelers on the way. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Check your blood pressure at the hospital and buy the result. He is thought to have fallen headlong into the ravine. The master of ceremonies, Vindranath, was a long-time Sabarimala Guru. Is m. Balochistan police inquest into post-mortem She was transferred to Nai Medical College Hospital. Wife: Shyamala. Children: Sharath Krishna (Olive Furniture, Panayi), Sarish (A.L.I. C. Agent), Sanal. Drugs: Expert. Siblings: Karthi, Sharada, Kumaran (retd. Police), Rajendran (Retd. KSEB), Radha, Late Leader Damodaran (Retd. Chapter) Pakan).