In Kuwait, 1203 people were newly infected by Kovid

Kuwait City: In the last 24 hours, 1203 cases have been reported in Kuwait. So far, 237,192 people have been infected with the corona virus. As of Sunday, 2,21,943 people, including 1,422, had been diagnosed with the disease. The remaining 13,896 are in Ranchi Kitsa. There are 224 people in the intensive care unit. The number of people in the intensive care unit has dropped to 15. Another 14 people were killed. To date, 1353 people have died of coronavirus infection in the country. Another 8369 people were tested by Covid. So far, 20,92,577 people in the country have been tested for the corona virus.

On Sunday, the test positivity was 14.37 per cent. It is a matter of concern that despite the implementation of the partial curfew, the number of cases is low. Is. Nearly a week on the number of people in that treatment and the number of deaths. There has been a significant increase in gambling. The number of disease-free people is only increasing with time. That ‘s it. There was a slight decrease last week in the intensive care unit. Hospitals across the country are overcrowded with intensive care wards. Is. In that case, that breath-taking information is the latest blockbuster product. There is a shortage in the intensive care unit.