In Andhra Pradesh, a young man beheaded his siblings

In Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, a young man brutally beat his brothers to death. The deceased have been identified as Parthiv Sahaswati (7) and Rohan Ashwin (10), sons of Koteshwara Rao and Umadevi. Umadevi’s sister’s husband Sreenivas beat the children to death.

Srinivas hit the two children on the head with a piece of wood. He ended the violence when the abused children bled to death. He was the one who took the children to the hospital. But seven-year-old Parthiv died at home. Rohan died shortly after arriving at the hospital

He says he was angry with his children for not being considered by his wife and family. The parents of the children are mercenaries in Bangalore. They went to work at Umadevi ‘s mother’ s house with their children.